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February 01, 2012


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These are all gorgeous Kelly! I just got done looking at Pip's...wow...I am jealous! hehe! Fantastic idea and a wonderful sharing of love!

kelly snelling

Thank you Sharon! Ive gotten some gorgeous hearts.

Kelly - Sent from my groovy iPhone

Bethany Geurin

Sister I still so love the one that is titled love is not lost and hint hint my birthday is in May. I know I shouldn't want it but I do. It the memories, the internals it reminds me of and not the external and it's blue. But more than that I know love is never lost because i can always find it in you. and if you don't have time and you're tired of them that's ok too. most of all, i'd like to see you and all that comes with ou. your people

Sent you a pm on fb please read. thanks

kelly snelling

I love you too sister. But I do t have that valentine anymore theyre all mailed out. I suppose I can make a girl a birthday one though.

Kelly - Sent from my groovy iPhone

Bethany Geurin

i knew they were gone, duh, kind of what i was hinting at about the b day thing, it's not until may. truly. i only want one thing. i wish you happiness and peace, i don't need a piece of metal with a bird on it to remind me of you. you are always with me in my heart and thoughts. wish we could fly together in our dreams tonight. wait, on the chantix i probably can. i was having a material moment, just know i think your valentine's are superb, like mom's valentine boxes she used to do for us were, the cat's meow. see you around the milk bowl kitty.

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