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September 21, 2011


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Oh my, yes. I think we'd get along just fine.


I love love love your colors!!!!!!


I really love the journey you went on Kelly for this project. Your handmade papers are so colorful and the heirlooms that you found so very special and personal.


wonderful stack of papers, and precious memories too. thanks so much for sharing1

Julie Prichard

Kellbell....I love this. Seth's right..fantastic journey..and that pulp...AMAZING idea. I love it. Miss you...I always say we need another road trip..let's not let it pass us by. xoxo

donna joy

wonderful! thanks for sharing the images/words.


I loved your post! The autograph book! Oh, how great to still have that.


fascinating stacks!

patti/altered attic

So you do deli paper and I do craft:) Your love for paper is amazing - such a fabulous journey!


Lovely colorful stacks that look so very inviting!


Lots of inspiration, memories and found treasures in your post! I loved reading it, looking at the pics and 'getting to know you'. Have a nice weekend!


Wonderful stacks! Very nice, indeed!!

Bleubeard and ELizabeth

I love working with deli paper. It is always different each time you add that paint. And I make handmade paper, but never thought about pulling any of mine out, especially since my doesn't look nearly as good as yours. Now that I am on this quest to see all the stacks, I can see stacks everywhere, too.

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