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January 11, 2011


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Laura Bray

You and Pilar-drive safe and behave! Oh..and have fun...too much.


Art journaling is for me and me alone. Sure, I hope that someday my boy will hold onto them and treasure them, but really, it's for ME.

Art journaling keeps me sane, happy and as an artist, it pushes me. It's my safe place not only to document my life and musings but also to explore, expand and push me artistically. It's my place to ask, "what if?". It's my place to try supplies and new ideas out.

It's also my place to document how I've grown and changed as both an artist and human being. It's so many of the above and so much more...

Brian Kasstle

I consider myself a visual artist. I write little in my journal. It is for me. To express myself after almost 50 years of NEVER expressing myself artistically. I have had several friends say "what is it for?" One friend finally said, after seeing my 11.5"x16.5" moleskine almost filled, "OH!!! I get it now... when this is done(full) it will be PRICELESS!!!"


great honest post!

what i have heard in my side is:
"that's where she practices"
and perhaps it is, too
when asked: yes it is my playground
and you can rarely read what i wrote so anyone is welcome to "read me"


I don't even know anymore. At first I think it was just to join in on the bandwagon and be part of something. But those kinds of things don't hold my attention this long.

I think I do it because I miss the teen years where all I COULD do was sit in my room and draw in a sketchbook. It was more fun back then, competing with a best friend. Then we stopped and then started some years of making nothing.

I would start new sketchbooks, but I would try to fill them with official drawings that didn't really mean anything, or still life sketches that don't bring me any joy to make.

When I started art journaling, I really got into it. I did it every day. I only now realize that this was what my old sketchbooks were really about. Not practicing techniques or worrying about what other people would think... art journals are okay to keep private (not that I would hide them).

I looked back at my old sketchbooks wondering if I should toss them, but they were, in themselves, art journals. They didn't tell my story but I could remember making each one and how much fun we had doing it.

So maybe I'm ready to transition back, I don't know.


I haven't read anyone else's answers so I can just answer from MY gut. Why do I art journal? One of the biggest things for me is creating art with so little investment...it's just paper, nothing that can't be replaced easily and cheaply. I get to play with techniques that I might use in creating my bigger art in a random, fluid and organic kind of way.

It's also a way for me to keep a journal, something I've always wanted to do but never could seem to keep with it, in a way that keeps me interested and 'into it.'

And now, 3 years after starting my art journaling journey, I can't imagine not having one or two (or five) art journals going all the time. Somewhere I can spill my paint and spill my guts, all wrapped up into one.

Those are but a couple of reasons I art journal...and I imagine I always will.

Peace & Love,


I've just discovered a word for what my daughter has been doing since she was tiny. Ever since she was a little girl she has kept a diary and dressed it with photos, drawings, pieces of material, everything and I have always told her it was a piece of art and that she should keep them . I reckon she will love them when she is older. Jackie/Irish heart. www.irishheart.com

Olwyn Hughes

I do junk mail art journals. I create the books out of old junkmail and then fill the pages with quotes, entries, magazine photos, drawings, etc. I do go back and look at them often. They remind me of where I have been and where I hope to be. Also, the quotes are often very inspirational for me. I tried doing the art journal the "traditional" way but it just didn't work. Making the journal myself, recycling something that was junk into something meaningful to me is so much more fulfilling.


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