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December 29, 2010


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What an awesomely inspiring post! Life is really what you make it and age is just a number. Be joyful and best of luck in your new journey.

Maija lepore

Sounds absolutely horrific!!!!


you go girl. Laura sure wishes she could see Finn and Morgan. She just got teary talking about wanting to see them. Wishing you success since you seem to write a lot about cupcakes and candy. LOL. You always had a sugar tooth. Mine would be sweet tea. No sugar for sugar. Nah. I'll try to be a kinder gentler me as always, whew, did you catch that whopper. Good Luck and God Speed.

Angie Platten

Hey, for that sweet tooth, look for a book called "Sweet and Sugar Free". It's a bunch of super easy recipes using fruit mostly!

And I think you are both brave souls. I mean, I cut out caffeine for two years and just added it back in recently.. and I'm blaming Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice Latte's completely. I got a coffee maker for Christmas and returned it for the smallest version I could find to limit myself to two cups per pot! LOL! No sugar for two years but I'm not totally radical reading labels. However, no baked goods, pastries, or anything of the sort. I made some Orange Almond Biscotti last week and substituted granulated fructose even though the entire recipe only had 2 Tbsp. in it to begin with. It was yummy!

Anyway, best of luck to you both!

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