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December 08, 2010


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your puppies are incredibly cute and incredibly made with love and lots of work. oh, and determination, i bet. good for you, they're precious. happy days, joanie

KJ McLean

They are so cute! I have recently discovered needle felting too (and have the red dotty fingers to prove it!) and it's so addicting and therapeutic!

I'm going to have to try this. Like you, I'm totally self-taught, but I never thought to grab some wire. Thanks for sharing!

joanna pierotti

Kelly, I'm loving the dog!!! I made a sheep once doing this and it didn't even look like a sheep, but a dog. I can't believe you made 12 of these. Thank you my friend. I will cherish the pup forever, especially also being a dog lover. Now I know what you meant when you said you drew blood making our ornies. Been there done that. You really did a labor of love.
xo joanna going to blog now


I love my little dog and I say he is perfect! I can't believe the amount of work it takes to felt. I hope you were able to get some frustration out when poking that needle over and over. I can completely understand what you mean re: blood offerings to the art gods. When I embroider, quilt and bead, it can look like the St. Valentine's Day Massacre when I am done. Thank you so much for undertaking this labor intensive project! xoxoxoxo


Kelly, these are just incredible! Your puppies are fantastic and seeing them all together put a big smile on my face. Fantastic.


I love them and admire your tenacity! After the 2nd finger stab I think I would be out.

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