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March 27, 2010


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mary jane dodd

3 little boys out of 'whack'... yikes... there is something about the time change this year... people are worn out and feeling unwell... so sorry about your boys - there really is so little one can do to 'fix' it (as mothers want to do) except keep them comfortable and feeling safe and loved... and then it becomes extra hard to take care of yourself while others are sick, do your best anyway though... hope you all are back on your feet soon - and that hedgie keeps faelan happy...


I am glad Mo is feeling better, but am sad that you and Finn are not feeling too hot. I hope Fae's new toy is keeping him out of trouble. Call if you need anything. xoxoxo


Oh no! Always scary when our little ones are sick. Sending positive and healthy thoughts your way!

Maija Lepore

Holy doodle!! You have been knee deep in crap! My poor darling little boys- I'm glad they must be better by now!!

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