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March 15, 2010


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It was so wonderful to get a chance to spend time with your mom and Aunt Nancy. I am glad you all had a great time during their visit. I hope they come back soon because it was so much fun to hang with them. Let me know how you like the book. I liked his short stories so I am interested in hearing how he writes a novel. xoxoxoxo

mary haldeman

What a fun way to start a magnificent weekend. I love your mama Kells. She's very special and I hope I get to see her again soon. It was a wonderful time...especially playing that crazy game!!! I still can't figure out how we (Pilar, you and I) lost!!! I think Maija was workin her mojo again..(I miss her already and having quiet coffee together in the morning) Thanks again Kelly girl. It was wonderful to see you.

Tamerie Shriver

I was wondering where you had been! Now I know you were having a blast with your mom and aunt. I knew Maija was coming but forgot. Anyway, it looks like a great time was had by all. I really like the elephant bum picture!

Here's hoping you get back to creating soon!



Good times!!


Ah, these pictures make my heart cramp! I miss you and our friends and I want to hang with your mama and tia Nancy and the elephants and the Snelling boys too! (guess what, i have a tia Nancy too) sniff, sniff... just having a pity party over here, don't mind me. snort! he he It's so good to see all your smiley faces and see all that love bouncing around. Love that wrinkly elephant butt too! Seriously! Big love to you and glad you got a mama visit in before summertime. Always does a heart good. XOX


Looks like you have been having a great time - and you have sun - and warmth! Sigh.

mary jane dodd

what a fun week! so glad it left you so energized... i noticed the sandals too, renate - soon i hope!!


I just absolutely DIED laughing at Mimi and Naney playing hockey. I can just hear the two of them going at it, "sister, sister im gonna get you sister", it made me laugh on this slow day at work. wish i could have been there, looks like your puppy is getting BIG, I know mine is. I found her outside this morning with a bloody head and had a panic moment. Im so glad you all had fun and cant wait to see more pictures.


San Diego looks like a deep blue dream. Love the one of your son and aunt(?) napping. I want to try a self-portrait after seeing you next to yours. It's great!


next time, that van better swing through north carolina to pick me up! (i'll pay for half the gas?? please??)

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