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February 23, 2010


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WOW! Fab pictures.


ok, that's IT. i am coming next time. i will bring the cheese nabs and a bottle of cab.


Great photos and looks like a remarkable road trip. Keep the pictures coming!


Okay Dru, move over cause I'm coming too. I'll bring the corkscrew and a surprise.

Kim Mailhot

Hahahaha about the murder stories...I was thinking the same thing when I saw your shots from yesterday and how far in the middle of no where you both were..."and they both just disappeared..." ;)

Amazing shots, amazing trip...
Can't wait to see what you favorite is !

Julie Prichard

Let dru know there was no time for wine on this trip....that was a beer trip for sure. :)

I am stealing that photo of me...

How did you manage so many more pics than I did? I think I was too mesmerized by the view.....OR I spent too much time watching for the Germans...


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