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February 25, 2010


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well im at work on my lunch break, and your blog is actually not locked so iv been catching up with my favorite californians. youve taken some gorgeous pictures my dear, and im half in love with your precious puppy, i wish we could get him together with mine to play :) they'd no doubt be hilarious. well my chicken is done, im sure ill drop by again soon. all my love to you all hope your all well!


The photos are fantastic, gorgeous and wonderful. Make me want to go on a road trip with you!!


Beautiful! You need to put these pictures in print ala cards, calendars, books, etc...

Kim Mailhot

Amazing sites brought to us with your great eye ! Thank you. I have a Crown of Thorns growing in my studio - it never stops flowering...Never seen one in the wild though - pretty dangerous stuff out there in the dessert...beside you and Julie ! ;)


Really, really beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing.


Amazing shots!!!


Your pictures are stunning!


I love thorns! not in my flesh but in an Awe of Nature sort of way. thanx for sharing your trip with us! XOX


Kelly, Thanks for sharing your breathtaking photos and your wonderful poem. Happy belated birthday and I wish you many more adventures!

Maija Lepore

I love looking at life through your eyes!!!!


o am loving these pictures, gosh you look like mom in that one and i love the boot.

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