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February 22, 2010


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i love this! i love the tale of your adventure. i will follow for more photos.

mary jane dodd

what an incredible adventure - life is for living - thank you for showing us how you live yours!!


I am so glad you and Julie had an all girl roadtrip and took such fab pictures. Can't wait to see the rest!

Betty Whitlow

Loving those pictures, beautiful light. Can't wait for more.



Kim Mailhot

I love you. I love Julie. I love that you go on girlie adventures at 5:00am with no coats and new boots and make art.
So good.


Awesome pics, what a great girls day out!

Julie Prichard

Ahhh....I love reliving this...my friend likened me to Indiana Jones today.. LOL We did have a ball...and you didn't even get to the pie yet! xoxo

Julie Prichard

and lol...in that shot of me cursing about the cold, and how freakin fast you took off across that field...notice my left hand.. I am opening and closing it to make sure my fingers still work. Because I am crazy..

Maija Lepore

That seems like a wonderful adventure!!!

Becci Renfro

How stinkin' fun! I wish so much I could have come! :-)

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