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December 10, 2009


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mary jane dodd

very fabulous! i am thrilled and exhausted for you reading this post! incredibly time consuming, but what treasures... i had to laugh... because all i have to do is see an article in a book and i am out the door at the hardware store getting what i need to try it... oh, should i have finished the article on the technique? not me! glad your bunnies have a secret meaning, though they make me think of being you and loving beatrix potter - and now looking forward to burton's take on 'alice' ... oh and i love the doodling on the boxes! soo cute...


I just love these little snow bunnies!! Gorgeous and soooooo cute!!

Deryn Mentock

Well, well, well, Miss Kelly. Here we are with our enchanting, little bunnies! What a nut you are! These rabbits are SO "Kelly" how could I think of anyone or anything else every time I see mine? He's a sweetie and, I think, not grumpy at all but just missing the other bunnies! I love him!


Kelly, heavenly days (think DAZE) LOL. That bunny was such a delicious surprise. I think I know now why I got the same kick out of him you did. Mary Jane's comment made me realize -- we must both have that "inner Alice"! (Mary Jane, I am also looking forward to that new Alice movie.) I'll be living happily ever after with my little bunny guy. I've fallen in love and would follow him down a hole anyday.

Deryn Mentock

Oh, by the way...I love that blue one!

Crystal Neubauer

Okay, White Rabbit, Alice in Wonderland, I'm late..I'm late..which is funny because I am always late, so I picture him with a very large pocket watch somewhere and that worried look on his face when I opened the package just made me want to hug him! All I could think was he must have had a really rough flight and spent plenty of time in that package waiting around for his big unveiling and would he like his new home as much as where he came from? I'm afraid he's going to need to adjust a little to the freezing cold Illinois climate, but I promise I am so madly in love with him that he will be spoiled before you know it!!
Thank-you so much Kelly for the quirky ornament that is absolutely the most perfect all occasion bunny I have ever seen!


These are the best ornaments ever! That is one lucky group you have there! xo

Maija Lepore

I love my freaking bunny and I giggled with delight when I opened my special Kelly creation!!!! Another treasure to keep out year round!!
Thank you my BFF forever!

joanna pierotti

oh Kelly, I finally have power again so I can get back into the fun of blogging about all our ornaments. I just adore my bunny. I just sat there in awe - amazed - and wondered when you learned how to enamel. You are incredible!!! He is so cute I just want to take a bite out of him. Thank you my friend and for all the work you put into these. I will cherish it forever!!!! Merry Merry! xoxo


I didn't even think of Alice when I saw my bunny. All I kept thinking was how he looked so smart and well read. Seriously, opening your gift was a true surprise and delight. I giggled and laughed when I saw his fair face. Of course, Iggy was just as happy seeing a bunny. Thank you, thank you, thank you....xoxoxoxoxo


What funny little bunnies! Their quirky expressions are a hoot. hee hee Adorable and silly, thanx for sharing friend! Looks like another fantabulous exchange. Kudos to all for the beautious creations! XOXO


Thank you so much Kelly!! Don't tell anybody but I think this one is my fav :P My husband calls me "Coneja" (Bunny) and this is very special for me. I too make many bunnies in my art :)


Free Movies

They sure are lovely! I know a whole lot about working with enamel, never tried it myself but read a whole bunch of books about it LOL- you bunnies are THE BEST! I only wish I could get one hehe :)

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