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December 07, 2009


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Yes, Kelly, you are so right. God is the great heart hole filler! And Crystal's ornament is phenomenal. Isn't this swap the VERY BEST?

Mellisa ~ ChinookJewelry

What a beautiful ornament! I know we're supposed to be thrilled about the rain here but I just want to hole up inside and stay away from having to drive anywhere :)

Crystal Neubauer

I'm so glad you like it. I did have many versus in my head as I worked on these, but some had to do with patience as my original idea had to be altered drastically in order to get them produced on time.
Mainly though when I thought of you all, I kept thinking "What better way to express my feelings then to send you my heart?"
Many blessings to you this Christmas season Kelly!


Another really awesome ornament!
It is raining here too, Kelly, and the days are so dismal and dark. But over here, this is normal at this time of year, sigh...


I understand about getting the blues when the weather is yucky. I am good for a day or two and then by the 3rd day or so blahhhhhhhhhh! This too shall pass Kelly. I am enjoying your sharing the ornament exchange. Such pretties!

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