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October 19, 2009


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You're so very welcome precious girl! And it makes me giddy to see you wearing it with that big smile on your face! I have pics on my blog of the whole flock of felt ravens as they roosted in my back tree. What a ruckus they made! he he


First, I love your new sassy hair. Second, Mija's work is so uber awesome. I was doing a happy dance when I opened mine this morning. I love this little delightful pouch and plan to wear it with the tell tale heart you made. xoxoxoxoox


I don't believe evil is a result of good, either. Possibly a result of good intent, which is not the same thing. Love your black bird! But your smile is fantastic!

Tamerie Shriver

Love it! It looks so good on you, too!

I agree with your view on evil and sorrow. And you are so right that Poe had every reason to be depressed and write the way he did. Even with all the negative stuff in his life, he still managed to be productive. True, it came out in his work, but he could have just curled up and said to heck with it all.

kim mailhot

That crow is magnificent ! And so is that picture of you ! Wowsza !!! Beautiful !

Laura Bray

The bottom photo of you is my all-time favorite! You look absolutely, happy, peaceful and beautiful!

Maija Lepore

And your hair is crazy beautiful!!!!

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