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August 20, 2009


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ok, first of all, could you look any cuter holding maija's picture? secondly, i too, am the WORST at remembering b-days. we have good intention, just brains that don't seem to appreciate this fact. if our brains could behave more like computers and anticpate or send us notices, etc. of such pending stuff, we'd have a much easier time! i believe a friend will forgive us for being a bit behind schedule and i know Maija will love her portrait.
my best to you always,
ps. my b-day is 9/19! could you put that in your database somewhere, hehe?


OH GOODNESS....THAT IS SCRUMPTIOUS!!! me too...i'm bad...i can barely remember all the kids and their significant others...then we had to go and have 2 october, a nov and a december bday...bunch of kids...and my mom's was in oct as well as davids is in nov...THEN CHRISTMAS!!! darn COLD WISCONSIN WINTERS...EH? LOL..

hugz and love


Lovely! Absolutely perfect, there is such a tender look about her that she is going to be over the Moon with this. I know I would.

Julie Prichard

Oh Fantastic!!!


OH how absolutely wonderful!!! What a fabulous BFF you are to our sweet Maija! LOVE LOVE LOVE the painting - you rock (as Maija would say!). And the earrings are really stunning. Happy days!!!!!

Tamerie Shriver

OMG, Kelly, it's just beautiful! I am sure that Maija is thrilled with it. You did a great job!

Stephanie Wright


You captured her beautiful blue eyes perfectly! Great job on the portrait, she will love it!


that's a wonderful portrait and i heard you as well as momma but i just get the ones with faces the right color better. i'm so glad you're here it's so wonderful to see you and be able to spend time with your wonderful smiling face. forever loving you

Paris Parfait

What a beautiful portrait and a wonderful gift for your friend! So nice that you and your mom can take a class together. xo


The portrait came out beauuuuuutiful! The yellow background was a great idea and it brings out the blue in our fair, Maija's eyes. Good job! Bravo!

martha brown

I bet she's still doing the happy dance over this! It's wonderful, Kelly!


Oh goodness... I skipped over all the blah blah blah, something about realistic style, little confidence, blah, blah, blah... and got the to good part, Maija in all her Glory!!!! It's a freakin' fantabulous painting friend and I know she is thrilled to the gills!

But if you ever paint a portrait of me, I'd prefer to be blue... XOXOX


Oh goodness... I skipped over all the blah blah blah something about realistic style, little confidence blah, blah, blah and got to the really good stuff, MAIJA in all her Glory! It's a freakin' fabulous painting my friend, and I'm sure she is crazy thrilled with it! Excellente!

but if you ever paint a portrait of me, I'd prefer to be blue... xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

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