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July 25, 2009


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Sharon @ norah'S

Wow! so impressed with every piece of art


I love kids art! It's always so colorful! I'm assuming your son is Finn, right? Love his self portrait. I would really like to get my son into some art classes this fall and have it as part of our homeschooling. Thanks for sharing the awesome kid art!


oooh i so badly want to play in that space where all that art was created...and that Self Portrait.. oh my, that is just way too awesome. i love it!

martha brown

I loved the show, Kelly!!! I can see why you wanted to take the classes with him -- what a fantastic program!

Mary Green

I want to take that class - every project was wonderful


Totally awesome! What a lucky boy. You're right, I would love to go too.


What an awesome class! The childrens work is quite impressive. I love Finn's lion. He reminds me of the lion in my family crest. Thanks for sharing. :D

Julie Prichard

Finn can teach at Art and Soul next year...sign him up. =)

connie williams

wow, kelly this artwork is incredible....it all has that innocence and natural flow that I STRIVE to attain - the self portraits are wonderful- and the dolls! amazing!
.....i'd have like to have taken thoses classes too!

Nancy Jamar

What an awesome class! The self portraits are incredible!

Tamerie Shriver

Wow! It's all so colorful and creative and wonderful. You definitely have a very artistic child. Seeing all the work he (they) did makes me want to take the same class. Good job, Finn!


what a wonderful way to start my sunday!1
thank you sweet thing...xo

kim mailhot

So cool !!! I love the portaits ! It always blows me away with what kids come up with when they are given free reign creatively. It was always my favorite part of being an elementary school teacher ! This teacher was obviously a great one.
I have been dreaming of holding a summer art daycamp for adults for years. Who knows..it may just happen one day. I will be sure to send you the brochure when it happens ! ;)

Michelle Remy

WOW! Thanks so much for taking pictures and sharing all this wonderful art! It makes me all itchy for school to start so I can get my art classes underway! Finn's work is incredible! Love that self-portrait! hugs, Michelle


I'm completely amazed by the variety of artwork Finn was fortunate enough to experience. I am so jealous! I recall art classes filled with little more than coloring, or simple line drawings. What a blessing his art teacher is!


Would like to have hung around that art class myself. Thanks for sharing their creations. I love children's art!!

Sara Trask

Mrs Faghani!!! What a nice surprise! I love her! She was a teacher at Deerfield for many years - a wonderful caring teacher who carried her love of art into the classroom everyday! One of a kind woman! Congrats for having had such a terrific experience.


whoa! talk about art that's perfect without being perfect! i would *seriously* have loved to have been in this class... these animals and self portraits - wow...

Terrie Lightfoot

Oh Kelly all the artwork is SO cool! Thank you so much for sharing! I LOVE your son's self portrait - very Picasso-esk. I would be proud to hang it in my home. Your son is very talented - but that shouldn't a great surprise - after all - he has a very talented Mom!

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