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July 17, 2009


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I love your new kitty and the name is perfect. I am so glad a new little life has joined the family. I can't wait to meet her. : D


What a cute kitty and wonderful name! Have fun with your little bro. That is a sweet picture of the two of you.

kim mailhot

margo polo is so cute !!!! Love those furry tufts in her ears ! Enjoy your new baby !


I love her new name, and the look of happiness on your son's face is just priceless. Happy kitty time!

Maija Lepore

Welcome Miss Margo Polo!
Have fun with your little bro!!


What a little sweetheart! Margo Polo looks charming and I am sure she will wrap you all around her finger (err, paw, claw?). Whatever, she is sooo cute.


Margo is special!

That first photo is just awesome---I LOVE those ears!

And the huge eyes!

But poor, poor Popkin! I can relate to that. My Kitty hides under the bed way to much of the time. However, if another cat dares to venture into her territory, that is a whole different story! She becomes the Wild Child from Hell. We are her people and no one better even think of coming near!

I'll be looking forward to more photos and hearing when a truce is declared.....

Account Deleted

welcome little kitty!!! so happy for you guys!! yes...we have kitty friends now!! ha ha. my other cat (tinkerbelle) is also getting used to her new housemate. she is slowly coming around as i am sure popkin will soon!

love you,

Mary Beth Shaw

What a perfect name! And she is adorable. We are going thru a similar thing at our house w/Jasper Johns(age 1) and Gilligan (age 17). Geez. We are perhaps 6 wks in and Gil still acts slightly befuddled although I know he likes Jasper.
And your brother!!! You guys look so much alike! How wonderful. I haven't seen my siblings since Xmas and I miss them (& my parents). Its hard being apart from family sometimes.

Tamerie Shriver

What a cute kitty! And her name is very clever. I am sure, given a bit of time, your scaredy cat will come around.

Cindy Pestka

Margo Polo...that is a hoot! When I brought my tiny little orange cat home (named Indy because he purred like an Indy 500 race car) he arched and hissed at the older cats, who just kind of raised one eyebrow at him and went back to napping. Indy and I had to have long talks about the importance of being a "team player". I think he'd still prefer to be the only cat in the house, but they've all operated under a negotiated truce for some time now.

Bethany Geurin

i like your family pictures very much. sometime i'll post my family photos, i feel left out in yours. wah, what a cry baby, need to stick my finger in my eye lol

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