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July 24, 2009


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Deb Taylor

this is so powerful....I must look at it longer and deeper. I truly love it.

kim mailhot

I would love some art therapy in a group...fun to have different enegries to feed off of a little. I love that you put the wings in her hair (didn't Farrah have wings ?) - and your lady is uniquely Kelly - love those colors !
Happy Friday !


Giving Wings to Thoughts
When your heart starts beating faster... and your imagination makes your world unbearable... Just spread your wings... fly in your dreams... and when you close your eyes... moon shinnig in the skies... all of us shall give... Wings to our thoughts...
ancient Celtic song

Just thought you might like this :)
Pattie ;)
Mazatlan mx.

Angie Platten

Love her! And she could be me... princess burning hair! :)

Julie Prichard

Super cool..

I birthed my watermelon at Hoag..loved that place...not the birth so much. Wish I could have been painting between contractions...now that would have been amazing.

Tamerie Shriver

You are just so talented! Love her and her winged hair!


Fabulous! I love that her power is in her thoughts!


been missing you friend... so busy these days I can't see straight but coming here to see your beautious creation has me feeling you close by again. Her rosy cheeks and blazing mind bring me hope as well as inspire me. Thank you for this beautiful blessing.


dammit, are you sure you hate gushing? ; )


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