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January 13, 2009


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you've cut your hair shorter, love it, cut mine but not that short. sure is cute. thinking of you sister.

Carolyn Mallin

Wow, I sure hope you feel better soon. I can't stand sinus infections when I get them~~~I'm such a baby. As it is I get headaches often because of my sinuses~~whaaa!

Anyway, your necklace is gorgeous! Love the hearts and the blue beads.



It is really windy here too, but we have the cold temps instead of the hot....results in the same dry lips, skin & eyes. & now it is starting to snow---maybe get another 8" over the next couple days. arg.

I like your journal page. I never used to go much for the really bright greens, but lately they are really appealing. Maybe because it is white everywhere I look outside??

& cool necklace, of course! I have been trying to round up a bunch of religious medals, but don't think I have seen any in Spanish out here in Deadwood.....

Hope you feel much better soon! & your dog, too!


Sorry you're feeling crummy, darling girl! Sometimes you gotta let a little whine out to help you feel better. Just don't wallow in it like i did last week, that's just pathetic.

despite what you think, your journal page is lovely... yummy colors and the layering of the film, labels and writing, all Kool.

and your necklace is wild and wonderful! so many fantastic elements to this piece.... your sweet little painting and metal hearts, the beautiful stones (love those dangly blue quartz) and the most interesting double sacred heart medal. I've never seen one like that before! Your a jewelry design genie my friend. he he

Sorry to hear big dog is not well. hope he heals up quickly. give him an extra hug from me.

big love to you!


Hi Kelly, oh the Santa Ana's - I remember them well and how they ruined my sinus' growing up and into adulthood. What I'd give right now to suffer the head thing just to breathe some warm air! As native So Cal girl who moved to the midwest in my 40's - it has been one of those weeks when I scratch my head and wonder how people live/thrive in the cold. Right now we are experiencing "possibly the coldest weather or our lifetime" and I actually went out in it tonight. I had to run an errand to Staples - a short walk from my car to the door of the store was amazing in the amount of pain that kind of cold can cause - it was below zero something and when the wind whips up it's even more below zero something. Anything under 20 hurts my lungs to take a breath, below zero is just wrong in all kinds of ways. So as much as I didn't enjoy the Santa Ana winds, I'd love to experience that right now...just for a minute.

Now something I thought worth mentioning, it was almost a year ago that I found your blog and while I'm not a constant commenter, I do subscribe and read every post. I found you through One World One Heart last year. With it coming up again I am reminded of the cool people I can meet through the event.

Love the necklace, I have a weakness for hearts (take a peek at my blog when you get a chance), your work is beautiful as always. Thanks for sharing.

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