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November 30, 2007


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It's terrific you got your store up and going - I've had my eye on some of your pieces for a while now! And, I'm thrilled that I'm not the only one that loves the Ugly Dolls. I have 3 ice bats on the day bed in my studio (different colors of course). My husband thinks I'm crazy but he bought one for me for Halloween anyway. ;)


Oh, I love these earrings!! Draw my name, draw my name. I'm going shopping at the etsy store now.

Anne Hartman

Kelly - I've been thinking about your awesome angel canvas all day. I just showed it to my husband, and he bought it for me for Christmas! My 15-year-old daughter just looked at it and said "That is the you-est thing I've ever seen!" I also don't think of angels as they are portrayed commercially, and your canvas comes closer to my imagining than anything I've seen. I am SO excited to see it in person, to look at all the layers, I know I'll keep seeing new things in that piece for a long time to come. And please know that it will be displayed and loved year-round in its new home! And also, I love your jewelry so please enter my name in your drawing for the earrings! You inspire me so much, both with your artwork and your journaling.
Anne Hartman

Maija Lepore

It's about time you stopped fussin' and opened that store!

Barbara Burkard

they are just beautiful! (i love the ugly doll, my new passion..lol, too!)


Beth Moran

Can't wait to go see your store! I'm going right now :)


Yahoo for you Kelly Belle! your little shop is quite charming already. and how lucky of Anne to score the flaming angel for christmas and be your first customer too! what a sweet husband she has.
Congrats sweet friend!


Yippee! This is terrific Kelly!
Your work is all gorgeous! ...i'll go take a peek.....


I love your kewl little shop. Also love everything in the shop. Good for you. I have been waiting for you to get this opened, oh happy day!!!

Anne I am so thrilled your hubby went Christmas shopping. You sound so excited, what a wonderful gift.



pick me! pick me! you don't me from adam but... wait! do you know adam? ;) yeah, i'm a lurker. :P Hi!


I just LOVE your jewelry, Kelly (and your paintings too)!! I've already got an order in for you book next year. Thanks for all the great inspiration you always have on your blog. Going to check out your etsy shop now...

Best wishes,

Angie Hall Haviland

HIYA Kelly!! You already know how excited I am about your store opening!!!! YIPPIE!! When I saw the word drawing on your email I had to rush over and see....BEAUTIFUL earrings (give them away, indeed...as if...if I didn't have pierced ears that would certainly be incentive!! LOL)
and I'm loving your little ice bat!! so cute!


Hey, Kelly! Congrats on your fine-o etsy storefront. Love those earrings, dahlink. I must have them. LOL. And I guess I need to look into those Ugly Dolls -- they seem so ME!
Love all your work, ya know.
Hugs, sallyt


I have just recently discovered you - following link after link after link, and I really am enjoying your blog. I dislike the soft, silly, romantic, sissy-looking angels that so many others seem to love. I mean they are beautiful to look at, but I want a WARRIOR protecting me. In fact I started a collection of warrior like angel figurines once. It ended after one - can't find them. Love yours - powerful. BTW - the Etsy link doesn't work for me - I will find you there, but just thought you might want to know. Blessings - nathalie

Chris P

Fabulous blog-congratulations on the new store. I imagine it will be a huge hit!!

chris p


you go girl. i'm so proud of you and i love the items in your shop.
your sister and niece

ps do we get to be in on the drawing? or are there rules against relatives?


Congrats on the Esty shop! and on the sales already. I'm still in the procrastination phase.
Lovely earrings and what a nice way to announce your store.


Good Luck with your etsy shop, and your ear-rings are fabulous x


oh congrats on your etsy shop it looks great!! and yes it is a bit of a pain to 1st get it started and once you do it will go great!!! your work is as always exceptional!! and love these earrings they are so lovely!! hope your shop does well as I am sure it will!! have fun with it!!! Hugs Linda

Lyn Avedikian

Hi Kelly: I lovezzzzzzzzzzz these earrings and am so glad to hear about your esty shoppe.
Birdhouse!! What a great name!
I wish you wonderful success!!!
Lyn A.

Lyn Avedikian

Hi Kelly: I lovezzzzzzzzzzz these earrings and am so glad to hear about your esty shoppe.
Birdhouse!! What a great name!
I wish you wonderful success!!!
Lyn A.


Beautiful ear rings Kelly. I always enjoy seeing your colourful art and will check out your etsy shop. Pam B


I'll have to admit you stumped me on the word "flummoxed". You even stumped my trusty little pocket dictionary! Wow, is this how you get people to comment on your blog? Great idea...lol I checked out your store, very nice.

Marse girl

After you called last night I went to bed with a huge smile on my face. I'm so happy for you sweet friend. Everything you do is golden Kells. I'm also happy for Anne that she will have a piece of you in her home. Way to go little bird.

Cynthia Couch


Congratulations on opening your Etsy shop. I'll be sure to stop by and take a look.

Cynthia Couch

Brenda Bliss

Your book is on the top of my Christmas list !!! I just love those earrings!!! Glad I found your blog!
Holiday hugs,
Brenda Bliss

Susan Metcalfe

Ohhh - I've been such a Kelly fan for awhile -- now I can keep up with you in several places. Love the jewelry, love the artist canvases, love the Etsy shop and blog -- good job!

Natalie Briney

Gorgeous Kelly!! Please put my name down for the draw and I'm about to pop over to your new Etsy shop. Congratulations on starting it up.


Congratulations on your store, Miss Kelly! I would sure love to wear those earrings, because I look just like Secret Mission Ice Bat without them. Imagine how much I would look like her/him/it with them on! It would be scary great!


Kelly, Congratulations on getting your etsy store open...I only regret that Anne got to your angel canvas first! (love ya anne). Continued success to you...hope I win my birthstone earrings...aquamarine! Hugs, Carol

Christine Hendry

Kelly, your blog and picturetrail have long been sources of inspiration - and now you have an etsy shop? Fabulous! I love the earrings (and all the others you posted - oh my! A wealth of beauties!), and your angels are amazing! Your art is glorious! Hugs, Christine

~marilyn in MI

LOVE those stones (almost as much as those gorgeous labradorite ones you posted a while back)! What a nice offer & good luck on the Esty shop.

last minute lynn

The earrings are smashing! I like how you used different bead "textures". I'm off to shop your shop...

Lorraine George

Okay, these earrings would look so devine on ME! LOL

I wish you much success Kelly!

Deryn Mentock

Hey friend! I'm so glad you're enjoying the Christmas ornament swap. Love your new baubles...

Tally Oliveau

Wow-so many comments - so many of us who would love to have a manificent pair of earrings made by a magnificent woman. So glad you got your Etsy shop up and running - there's a world of admirers out there!


Kelly, I can't wait to visit your etsy store-congratulations!! Best of luck and I hope I win your amazing earrings!
Tami Roth


OH, the earrings are darling and that little bat doing the advertising is pretty cute too! I just got back from a girl weekend with Fran so I hope i'm not too late for the drawing! :)


Kelly congrats on your etsy opening. Now you know I expect to win those gorgeous earrings especially since you told me to come on over! lol


Joanie Hoffman

Happy Holidays, Kelly.
Your art is wonderful!


I love the items in your store and know it will be successful. Put me in the drawing for the darling earrings...they would look beautiful with the necklace you gave me.

You are sooo talented!!!

Love you, Nane

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