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November 26, 2007


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this piece is so incredibly stirring, it has brought forth a whole body reaction, my chest is heaving and i am in tears. something inside me recognizes this being you have portrayed and is happy to see it again. thank you friend.


Seeeee...this is what I'm talking about. Beautiful creations from your heart. Love it, love it, love it.

Marse girl

WHOA!!!! This is SO awesome sweet friend. I wish you could FEEL how much you inspire me Kells. You are amazing and just wonderful. I'm now sitting here looking at the canvases I bought months ago still wrapped and dusty. Same size as the one you just used. Hmmmm. You may have just stirred my rusty dusty muses into action. Love ya darlin...

Deryn Mentock

Your angel is wonderful, beautiful and a little scary...just like angels should be! There's a reason why, whenever one appears in the Bible, the admonition is "fear not!"

Maija Lepore

Brilliant, and it makes me a little scared!

Marse girl

Girls...I just saw this piece in person and this photo doesn't do it justice. It is absolutely magnificent. The colors are so vibrant and GORGEOUS. I got a sneak preview of another one she did yesterday (I think) and once again she knocked my socks clear off. Just wait and get ready to be blown away. Kelly...you are incredible.

ruth rae

What a fantastic piece!
Your colors are brilliant and fearless!
I must know you to well Kelly, because your angle does not scare me she is beautiful and fearsome just like her creator :)


this is so beautiful, i am loving it, kelly..very very very cool...especially the hair...


this is so beautiful, i am loving it, kelly..very very very cool...especially the hair...

Marse girl

I agree with Deryn and Maija..the angel is beautiful AND a little freaky and scary and if anybody can convey that in their artwork so beautifully it's YOU.


Love love love your unusual angel, Kelly!

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