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October 24, 2007


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Barbara Burkard

your ornament is lovely...i love hearing about the traditions...each year when my kids were little...we would select a handmade ornament symbolizing special things from the year as well....when we were stationed in germany we had the first 7 years of ornaments with us and we were ready to deploy back to the states...and since it was august our christmas things were in storage in our unit...all of our holiday things were packed and (being new to this whole army thing) the boxes of all our european treasures and the kids handmade rememberence ornaments were listed as "storage items" on the inventory...those boxes were all lost...and there was no way to prove what they were. so we all sat down to remember special things that happened each year for each of us and we replaced them...they weren't the same but just the recalled memories were heaven....

Catherine Witherell

Your ornament is very beautiful and I love the description of your symbolism.


The power of prayer is awesome and it is very special you created this ornament to represent the love and hope your family and friends have for you. The various layers and textures really add to the piece and the meaning behind it. I am glad you are all well in Irvine. The Post Apocalyptic sun is a bit freaky, yet beautiful. xoxooxox

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