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July 20, 2010


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Julie Prichard

Lock up the Ferragamos! :)
She's beautiful! xo

Kim Mailhot

How fantastic !!!! Congrats to the whole sweet family !


She is super cute!


congratulations...she's a beauty indeed!


How wonderful!! She will be very loved by your family!

KJ McLean

She's so pretty! Congratulations -- to all of you! :)


She is lovely! And now I can envision you running (like a banshee) with the pack!


She is a really beauty. It warms my heart to see the boys giving such a sweet puppy so much love and welcoming them to your clan. I hope to meet her soon. : D

ps: Mo looks so damn adorable with his hawk.

Kim Nelson

Lucky Coyote. Lucky you.

Mary Beth Shaw

So sweet. You guys (peeps and animals) are all adorable. Happy days ahead....xoxo


Happy Happy! She's beautious and already well loved, I see. Super smiles!

mary haldeman

Oh Kells..I'm SO happy for you and the "boys". I do like cats but there's nothin like a pup runnin around the house and so eager to jump in your arms and give kisses. I can't wait to meet her. She's beautiful and I know she'll fit right into your wonderful lil' family and get (and give) lots of lovin.


What a sweet doggy. I see she has some austrailian shepherd in her too, I have an austrailian shepherd too,, they are very wonderful dogs. My dog lays on her back too!

What a happy addition!


oh, Kai sure looks like a sweetheart! love that face. how are the two getting along? (doggies that is....)

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