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February 15, 2010


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mary jane dodd

good luck with the software! that is always so disappointing...
i love the madeleine l'engle books - hope you enjoyed the performance... sounds like an incredible venue... nothing like making art really accessible to kids and allowing them to see that the people are just like them... of course, they live with a really talented mom! so i guess they have a good grip on that...
we saw the percy jackson movie... have fun!


Love your little dachshund puppy!! Hugs!!


Don't your boys look handsome! Madeleine L'Engle's books hold a very special place in my heart as I spent countless hours reading them as a child. No surprise that when I found out my SIL was pregnant with Tessa that I immediately bought a set for her.

Your wacom work is very impressive. I look forward to seeing what else you create in the land of digi.


Tamerie Shriver

You are so right! He is just too cute!

And don't you 'hate' our winter weather? It's pure torture! I just hate it when it is 80+ degrees and sunny in FEBRUARY! Oh well, someone has to suffer and it may as well be us!

Your husband and boys look so handsome. Glad everyone liked the play.

Love and hugs,

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