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July 02, 2007


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Like Elaine in Seinfeld, I am a scary dancer, so when I listen to music I make art and nobody gets hurt! I like Dead Can Dance, Beta Band, REM, Mano Negro, Beck, Vivaldi, Coldplay, Flaming Lips, Brubeck, Pink Floyd and King Crimson (for a start). There's too much good music in the world and not enough time to enjoy it all!

Joy Logan

I have mixture CD's that I or friends made.


Usually, I prefer quiet when "arting" (too many years of retail behind me-constant background music & people yakking) but when I do want music, it's always going to be Prince or Madison Avenue. They both make me smile, and you just can't help but bounce, tap, in general move some body part while listening-lol! Back in the 70's, I just thought Prince was the hottest thing, still do, much to my kids horror!

Bonnie Moench

Oh, now you are going to laugh....but Bon Jovi is one of my favourites.....I love to sing along...and no they haven't invited me to sing with their band.....
I love music with great lyrics and a tune I can sing along with....so that leaves out all the high notes.


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