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June 18, 2007


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Kari Gibson (InkyTinker)

Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, I am so surprised to see you up and about and writing in your blog!!

Please don't write back, you just rest up, I just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you.

It is the nasty ole anaesthetic that is making you feel so low, soon that will go away and you will be more positive again.

Onwards and upwards, take care and get well soon.

Thanks for all the lovely pictures! Love them all!

kari x


Kelly girl, you make me blush! you're so dear to honor my creations here. it makes me most happy to know they've touched you in some way. all your pics you've shared here move me to giggles or gasps... Aaahhh, Monterey, what a deliscious memory... the loyal big dog Dutch, with his watchful eyes... green hydrangeas, one of my favorite things... fish heads, fish heads, gaping, bulging fish heads (he he)... oh but what a beauty of an asian, sepia toned fish head from you... and then you top it off with a Mary Oliver poem... icing on the cake, i say! one of my faves too... suddenly i'm longing for my book of Mary Oliver poems, packed away in a box somewhere... how dreadful is that?! well girl, you've entertained and inspired us yet again... all while you recup from your surgery... as if someone told you "but the show much go on!" :-D get lots of good rest my friend and know you are cradled with compassion and love.

smiles over the miles,

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