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June 29, 2007


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Tanya Peacock

Those of us that know and love you, understand completely. No explanation necessary.
Love you great big bunches!

Judy Wise

You give us gold. Pure gold. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm

Barbara Burkard

oh to see the world thru your eyes..but then i think i've been there but never able to communicate it so eloquently.

Angie Platten

And you need to preface everything you say by telling everyone they must read it with a Kentucky accent! It really adds to the process. I'm so glad I got to meet you cuz now when I read all your silly words, I hear you and see you saying them and I just am crackin' up all the time. And I also know the speed in which you talk. Can you type that fast too? Maybe you need to be thinkin' about a job in clerical work! NOT! LOL!

And yesterday, while working on a ocuple of projects, I could so relate to your flipping and digging through things trying to find stuff! Since I cleaned my studio big time a couple of months ago (I mean down to every single thing in my studio was handled and found a home or got the heck outta' Dodge) I have been trying to put things away after each project. It takes quite a bit of discipline and I have to be careful not to put everything all nice and neat or I just can't work...too sterile.

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