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June 28, 2007


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Christy Grant

Girl, you make my brain tired! BIGGEST hugs to you!


Miss Kelly!
I am just now catching up with your blog! I'm glad you're feeling better and I enjoy reading your over-thoughts!

Myself, I sign with a non-committal smiley face emoticon. :)


Angie Platten

Gawd, you are such a goof!

Barbara Burkard



I knew we were kindred spirits! I am a notorious over-thinker as well. When discussing this issue with a good friend, he told me I wasn't an "over-thinker," but a scientist or cultural critic, studying human behavior.

Closing salutations are always interesting to me. I really do believe with our email culture, our written correspondence has taking on a completely different decorum for our internet persona. Only an over-thinker would make such a comment, huh?


oh my goodness, my little humming bird friend... just your explanation of your wide open mind has tired me out! he he i am definitely an observer, such as yourself, but i've realized my days of over analyzing are long gone. where they went, i have no idea! will they return? i can't say... but it is no longer part of my make up, at this time. do i ponder my observations? well of course but i seem to move on quickly, accepting that moments truth, altho fully knowing it may be disproven at any time. why am i like this and you're like you are? i find this thrilling and fascinating! maybe it's becuz your mind is hungry and my mind is lazy. maybe it just becuz you are the humming bird and i'm the honeysuckle(or the jasmine or the foxglove or the trumpet vine, he he). altho it's really too late for me to be thinking at all, thanx for the contemplation. so good to see you're well and thinking in your wonderful wacky ways!

blood sugar sex magik,

p.s. i'm glad you're a really BIG hugger!

debby harriettha

You have done it once again! The silly girl that can make me giggle out loud at my computer screen. My husband is calling from afar whatcha laughing at Deb, oh um my computer screen sweetie. He doesn't get it and I understand. He also doesn't get the friendships that tend to come along with the hugs at the end of the email either. I too, often wonder how one can bond with someone they have never met and may never meet. It just happens. Is it a safety net? Are there people we tend to connect with and can pour our soul out to? I don't know the answer, but I must confess I like the hugs!

Big Hugs,


Hahahahaha! She's back, baby!!! Keep that hungry mind, Kelly... it's definately a good thing, a job would just get in the way!

Big squishy, sweat encrusted, salty sweet (yet not at all stinky, well, maybe a little) hugs

Deryn Mentock

Oh, Kelly...I'd like to just slobber and drool all over you but I can't possibly! You know, I'm one of those sad creatures...yes it's true...I'm a non-hugger. It pains me to say so. But you! You, my sweet, sappy, little humming bird, are the reason we robins keep going..building nests and hunting worms. Someone has to sample the sweetness for us practical types and report back! Thank you for being a hugger!

KJ McLean

I like the way (and amount) you think! And I think I'm sad about the previously "huggy" people going "pro".

Crazy Big Hugs!

Marse girl

Ah yes, I can lose ordinary afternoons all to easily these days.Sitting with head in hands pondering things like the Stendhal syndrome, how did Ted Serios do that, and why that sudden urge to hurl dark inks across the room or why I'm inexplicably drawn to the realm of sprightly marks or why some days I think I should have been a boy or a thug. But for now I think I'll take a little nappy. Bug nuts baby. You know I luv ya.

Bonnie Moench

Oh Kelly.....you keep me laughing all the time.....I do understand exactly what you mean about the hugs....things. For awhile I thought it was an American thing..... I resisted for a long time...How could I sign hugs on an email, to someone I don't know. Then gradually I got to know people better....you know the crazy wacky ones....and we do know a few....the delirious ones....the giggly ones and then before I even realized it I was signing my emails Hugs Bonnie......That of course was before I got to meet you and the the rest of the gang.....and now I have to sign them xoxo or love and hugs....cause I really xoxo and love everyone of you.


You now know that it will be my mission in life to sign my emails to you with the goofiest, longest, most outrageous Hugs I can possibly come up with, right?! And then to hope and pray that I get the the tiniest one back from you. ;) wink wink. Actually, I got a Kelly hug in Phoenix, so I consider myself well hugged already. So I shouldn't be selfish! ;)

Tiptoe Prints & Flowers On The Moon HUGS and Twinkling Stars Dancing Upon Your Eyelids KISSES,


ELAINE KERR - Abstractions Art

Hugs didn't used to mean quite as much (taken more or less for granted) until a move far away from family & friends. Now I relish every one I get. Rarely used to hug friends...but they come in handy (hugs & friends) when they're the only ones around and — life is short.

Best hug I ever got was from a client who was not a personal friend — a good-bye hug when I moved. Longest one I ever had. Time to look around the room and think, for half a minute at least, 'This is really quite a long hug!' She and her healing-arts friends certainly understood the concept of hugging and put a lot into it and no doubt, got a lot back. I believe that may be worth thinking, pondering & analyzing and will do so.

Cheers, Elaine

xoxo = have a nice day? I dunno.

PPS: If I ever get to know you & we were to really hit it off....I'll be havin' one of those big ones, please!

Patti V

Kelly Bear!!! I've been in "no computer zone" for too long. Just getting caught up on your blog! Thanks for being such a hugger!!! Miss you dear one!!!
huge hugs (as always...hehehehehe!) May not be fancy but at least I'm consistently sincere!
Patti V

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