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June 17, 2007


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Sending lots of hugs, good thoughts and prayers to Warrior Woman, Kelly ;)

Barbara Burkard

pure eloquence


You know, every time I read you I am just so moved. Not only do I love your art and the way you express yourself with it, but when you write you move my soul!

No one can judge you Warrior Woman, it is your journey and I think you are doing one hellofa job at walking it! : ) Hugs


You are such a beautiful writer... I feel everything you are explaining. Gosh, I am at a loss for words. But I must say that you continue to amaze me with your strength and you absolutely provide the best advice. I agree with your thoughts on "beating around the bush with the people you love and stop dealing with those you don’t love." .... A great way to live!

Thank you for sharing with us.


Bonnie Moench


From your heart to ours....you alway give me a bit of wisdom to take away with me....my love and admiration for you grows every day....I do believe you are the voice of every woman that can't find the eloquent words to express her thoughts and feelings.



oh, what to say to this... to experience your way of arranging words in expression of your thoughts/emotions/experiences, is like watching a master gardener transform an empty lot into a lively english garden... out of the ethers you create a vibrant tapestry of visions brought forth from the deep heart... yours and ours. it is a gift you give us, a glimpse of the deep heart acknowledged as we wince, twinge and gulp down the lump in our throats while reading your lush garden of words. as your friend, it aches my heart that you struggle with these worries and challenges you face... and yet i know it is an element of your journey which is sculpting you just as the Venus de Milo has been sculpted, not only be Alexandros, but also providence. now without her arms, she has endured the harsh test of time and become one of the most celebrated beauties of our world. which is, beloved goddess, much how i see you. as you already know, your endurance of this time has marked you... painfully chiseling away so that you may reveal yet another aspect of your beauty. i feel honored that i may be here to offer my love and support during this epic time of your life.

namaste, my friend.


OH Kelly, sorry if my writings made you question tamoxifen. I do believe we each make the right decission for ourselves. I am still searching the answer on this one and I read the link you provided. Thank you for that. Trust me, I am scared NOT to take it just as I am to take it. My herbalist is giving me a nautural form of Tamoxifen and it's a bit scary there too. And I so understand what you feel inside, not wanting the cancer to ever return and having those wondering thoughts. Once you know cancer took a visit in your body and shows it's cruel face, you never want to meet again. NEVER and I tell it all the time that is never welcomed back. It better listen and each time I put something in my mouth, like a raw piece of brocoli, it's my way of saying no to it. I still have more to do.

Fighting with ya kid!

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