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June 22, 2007


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Barbara Burkard

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! AWWW YOU LOOK SOOO SOOO...LOL..."HAPPY"..HEE HEE...HAVE A GREAT ONE! we celebrate our 27th in august! woo hoo...



HA!! this pic of you two made me giggle out loud! tee hee sooooo, your first date was a Jimmy Beffet concert?!?! LOL that made me giggle Again!! Have a lovely anniversary celebration sweet friends! You deserve it, with all the bells and whistles... well maybe just gentle chimes this time and save the big hullabaloo for when you're feeling better, okay? sending you hardy healing hugs and lip smacking love...

XO Mija

Bonnie Moench

and you fell in love with him because of his sweet smile??? or his wonderful shirt???

Have a Happy Anniversary sweet friend.....you have lots of years for "LE Grande Celebration" .... enjoy your quiet time together....


Beth Moran

Gotta love those younger men and June weddings!!! We celebrate our anniversary tomorrow (7 years of marriage, been together for 12). Hope you two had a fabulous one and I'm glad your recuperation is going well :)


Happy 10th Kelly. Hope you had a very nice celebraton with your honey. Your mamma sounded soooo sweet on the phone, just like you with that beautiful southern accent. I'm so happy she is there with you.

That photo of the little girl just about looks like my hair but hers is longer...lol. I think I have an 1/8 of inch now...pretty cool, eh! Can't wait to have enough to spike!!!

sending you love and healing prayers,


Happy Anniversary Sweet Bird....hope you are mending well and taking things as easily as you can.
hugs from downunder
Marie xoox

Silver Moon

You two look the same, you haven't changed one bit. Congratulations and many more!

Judy Wise

Adorable picture. Congrats on your anniversary. So happy to hear your "voice". You have been much in my thoughts. I LOVE the baby picture too. xxooxx

Marse girl

I know you and Tom had a wonderful time. I wish I could have been more of a help to you after your surgery. It was very difficult emotionally to be 3000 miles away and not able to do one thing for you. I'm home now and all you have to do is say the word and I'll be there.I love you my darling friend.

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